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Attorney Richard E. Fradette Is A Board Certified Trial Attorney Specializing In Complex Litigation For Individual Clients. He Is Also A Licensed Pharmacist. With Over 37 Years Of Experience, He Owns FRADETTE LAW, PLLC, In Manchester, New Hampshire. 



Richard E. Fradette

Areas of


Professional Malpractice
Medical, Legal, Other

Employment Discrimination, Retaliation Or
Wrongful Termination.

Personal Injury
Resulting In Permanent
Injury Or Death.

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Mr. Fradette Is Known And Respected For His In-Depth Knowledge Of The Law And His Formidable Litigation Skills, Having Won Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts, And For His Commitment To Representing His Client’s Interests In A Very Personal Way. Mr. Fradette Approaches Each Case With A Sense Of Creativity, Always “Mining” The Voluminous Case File For “Nuggets Of Gold” In The Facts. As A Plaintiff’s Attorney, Mr. Fradette Views Each Case As A Blank Canvas For Him To Paint His Client’s Story For Presentation To A Jury. He Always Prepares His Client’s Case For Presentation To A Jury From The Outset.

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