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Rick Fradette is a Board Certified Trial Attorney specializing in complex litigation for individual clients. He is also a pharmacist.  He has over thirty-seven years of experience practicing law.

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Richard E. Fradette

Mr. Fradette, formerly a partner and shareholder with Beliveau, Fradette & Gallant, P.A., in Manchester, New Hampshire, handles legal matters in the areas of medical, legal, and professional malpractice; employment discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination; and personal injury and wrongful death.  In addition, he represents licensed professionals before state licensing boards.  After 37 years with BFG and the retirement of his partners, Mr. Fradette opened his solo practice in 2021.   

Before embarking on a career in law, Mr. Fradette practiced as a licensed pharmacist in New Hampshire. Looking back, he recalls his motivation for making the career change to become an attorney:

“As a pharmacist, I was frustrated by all the rules and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy. I decided that if I’m going to have to follow these laws, I want to get involved in making them. As it turned out, my pharmacy education has been an asset to my law practice, and I’ve never looked back“.

Already holding a Bachelor of Science from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Mr. Fradette went on to earn his Juris Doctor from UNH Law in 1982. He later earned a Masters in Public Health from the Boston University School of Public Health in 2000, concentrating in health care risk management and legal/medical ethics.

Mr. Fradette has cultivated a broad-ranging practice that focuses on professional malpractice law—including medical, legal, pharmacy, dental, nursing, and other learned professions—and employment law, primarily representing employees in claims of discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and wrongful termination in violation of public policy such as “safety first”. Examples of his medical malpractice cases include winning a $5 million verdict for a woman blinded by her ophthalmologist’s negligence, a $1.8 million verdict for a patient who suffered a stroke due to his cardiologist’s negligence, and a $375,000 verdict for a phlebotomist against a community hospital. In employment law, his pharmacist client won a $31 million verdict for gender discrimination and retaliation, a $2 million verdict for another female pharmacist for gender discrimination, and a $480,000 verdict against a New Hampshire employer for wrongful termination.

Mr. Fradette is well-versed in professional malpractice, discrimination, retaliation, personal injury, and qui tam fraud actions under federal and/or state law.   His diverse practice includes representing professionals before licensing boards, individuals before zoning and planning boards, and other governmental agencies.  Referred to as “Mr. Manchester”, Mr. Fradette has lived in Manchester all his life except during his college education years. Today, Mr. Fradette is known and respected for his in-depth knowledge of the law and his formidable litigation skills, having won multi-million dollar verdicts, and for his commitment to representing his client’s interests in a very personal way.  Mr. Fradette approaches each case with a sense of creativity, always “mining” the voluminous case file for “nuggets of gold” in the facts.  As a plaintiff’s attorney, Mr. Fradette views each case as a blank canvas for him to paint his client’s story for presentation to a jury.  He always prepares his client’s case for presentation to a jury from the outset.  Well-known throughout his community, Mr. Fradette’s cases come from referrals by past clients and other lawyers, and by word of mouth from healthcare practitioners such as physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.  In his employment law practice, he takes cases from across the country, often being sought out because of his reputation and the successful verdicts he has obtained.

Selected for inclusion in New England Super Lawyers® under the Professional Liability section each year since 2007, Mr. Fradette is widely regarded as a thought leader in the law with unique insight into prevailing trends and changes in his areas of practice. In particular, he is paying close attention to developments in the use of expert witnesses in professional malpractice cases. He noted:

“Defense lawyers have an abundance of expert witnesses available to them, but for the plaintiff’s side, it is often difficult to find experts in professional malpractice cases. The suggestion that we need ‘tort reform’ is wrong—what we need is professional liability insurance reform. The truth is, only those cases where the professional has genuinely violated the standard of care get prosecuted.  “Close calls” are not prosecuted because of cost, labor, and risk realities“.

Beyond his law practice, Mr. Fradette donates his time and talent to professional and community affairs by serving on various community boards and professional associations, including as a founding member of the New Hampshire PharmAssist Foundation and the New Hampshire Bar Association Lawyers Assistance Committee. He is also a past president of the New Hampshire Pharmacists Association and was formerly an Adjunct Professor at the UNH School of Law in Concord, New Hampshire, where he taught Health Care Law and Ethics.

In his spare time, Mr. Fradette enjoys traveling, playing tennis, hiking, reading, writing, skiing, swimming, and watersports, and most importantly spending time with his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.

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